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There are more unnecessary procedures done on the thyroid than I have ever seen before. If hyperthyroidism is even suspected, the first thing the endocrinologist wants to do is either cut out the thyroid or burn it out with radioactive iodine. When either procedure is done, that patient is totally dependent on thyroid medication for the rest of their life.  Generally they are stuck on synthetic thyroid that is made in a chemical lab, causing more problems than [ continue reading ]

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Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders are becoming an epidemic in America today.  Some kids simply lose focus for brief periods of time however, many children have very serious and so problematic issues that they are incapable of being involved in normal educational classroom activities. Special education classes are conducted for them, but even then their level of concentration and teachability is limited.  Let’s first look at some of the suspected causes and [ continue reading ]

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