I often see patients with low WBC (low white blood cell count).  I first try to find the cause and then will usually recommend some lithium orotate to the  patient.  I find outside the U.S. it is a common practice to give lithium to patients with low WBC, and the response is usually remarkable and even miraculous. If one uses lithium carbonate, very close monitoring is required to prevent lithium toxicity, but if the orotate [ continue reading ]

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Now we are in the cold and flu season.  Here are some ways to prevent it: Take adequate amounts of Vitamin D3-5,000-10,000 i.u. per day for those who live in the northern hemisphere during the winter months. The number one vitamin deficiency in America is vitamin D. Do not be duped into taking vitamin D2 that is a chemical and to which you can become toxic very quickly. We make vitamin D3 out of cholesterol [ continue reading ]

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Cold and Flu Preventio...

Colds and flu usually hit during the winter months when the sun has gone south and we are deficient in vitamin D.  The symptoms are usually runny nose, cough, low grade fever, achy muscles and joints, headache, GI upset, etc.  Since we are entering into that season again here are some things that I recommend: Vitamin D3 10,000 i.u. daily, Vitamin C 2,000-6,000 mg twice a day (to tolerance), Selenium 200 mcg 2 capsules 2 times [ continue reading ]

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Shingles is a viral infection that affects adults and is caused by the same herpes organism that gives chickenpox to children.  It attacks a nerve and will usually follow that nerve from its origin to its distant area of sensory nerve endings.  It can form blisters with itching and pain along the nerve pathway, and is usually precipitated by stress in the elderly.  Here are some natural therapies I have used successfully as well as [ continue reading ]

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