When we began milling the germ part of grains out of our flours, we began to have all sorts of health problems, not the least of which is cardiovascular disease that has become epidemic in America.  We have become so infatuated with blood cholesterol that we have over looked the real cause of the problem.  It should be no surprise that mental and neurological diseases should also be traceable to  grain consumption as we know [ continue reading ]

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I believe homogenized-pasteurized milk is pure poison for both children and adults.   It contains no friendly bacteria which is necessary for a healthy GI tract.   It usually has synthetic vitamins and inorganic minerals added that are  neither nutritious or safe. The homogenization is done to hide the amount of cream being stolen and breaks the butterfat globule, which humans have no enzyme to digest to be passed from the digestive tract into the bloodstream where it creates a [ continue reading ]

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Here is an article on Soy, a friend of mine sent to me, and thought it was important enough to make people aware of the dangers of soy. Is Soy and Soy products a big part of your dietary intake?  Not sure?  Start reading labels on MOST packaged foods (which we shouldn’t be eating) and be aware of all the soy being added to our foods…then, read the following article on soy and soy products [ continue reading ]

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Canola Oil…Is it...

Canola oil has been sold in this country as healthy oil for human consumption.  However quite the opposite is true and it is simply a money making scheme sold to unsuspecting American citizens under the guise of “health”.  The truth is, canola oil can be hazardous to your health and has been known to cause certain types of cancer. “In 1986 canola oil was touted as being a healthy oil because it is lower in [ continue reading ]

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Proper Food Combining…is required to maintain healthy body weight and blood sugar levels. The body will digest the easiest foods first while other foods (starches, refined sugars etc) will affect the blood sugar. The body makes fat from undigested-putrefied waste in an effort to protect itself from toxicity. An over simplified suggestion: eat fruits or melons alone and wait 15 minutes before eating anything else. Eat starches with vegetables, or protein with vegetables, but never [ continue reading ]

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